Monday, October 19, 2009

Mase Confronts Diddy To Get Released From Bad Boy

Mase Makes Puff Release Him In The Middle of V103's Ryan Cameron Show from shudduptv on Vimeo.

BET Hip Hop Awards on October 9th and there were tons of artists scheduled to come through. I had a camera man there so I could get drops and/or interviews for the site. While Puff was there, I was in the hallway talking to someone and saw Mase through the glass.

The receptionist wasn’t at her desk so I opened the door for him, I was shocked to see him, so I’m like “what’s this a BadBoy reunion or some sh*t” Mase was like naw Kim I came up here for this (shoving a letter in my face) when I read the letter i was like OHHHHHHHHHH you wilding wow, we gonna’ see what happens.

Mase then heads towards the studio where Puff is, I tell my camera man to follow him and he straight De-bo’s the interview LIVE ON AIR (pay attention to Puff’s face, when he walks in). He’s gone for a while, then he comes back out with the letter like, I told you! I’m FREE!!!!

DISCLAIMER: I HAD NO IDEA WHAT MASE INTENDED WHEN I LET HIM IN, if I had I would’ve staged it better (*_-)!

Of course the journalist in me, lol……. okay, how about blogger, hmmmmmmm let’s be real, the shit starter in me then pulled him on camera so I could capture his initial feelings of freedom, was he gonna’ head North like all the other slaves did when they were free’d? Bwahaaaaaaaaaa, I’m on some silly sh*t huh? ROTFL.

Pay close attention to Puff’s face, the body language and the vibe in the room. Puff is like “surprise” when Mase walks in and everyone is pretty much trying to play it off. Watch Mase’s face the whole time, his facial expressions and gestures are HILARIOUS!!!!! This nikka puts his feet up on the counter and he’s cheesing the whole time. Mase says “now I can work”…. TRANSLATION: THAT N*GGA PUFF BEEN BLOCKING MY MONEY!!!!!!