Monday, October 19, 2009

EVOL EFIL Documentary

Here's a trailer for a documentary my boy frankie has been shooting over the past couple of months..hope you guys enjoy..

It was never about being “big” for sake of being big or loud for sake of being loud. It was always about expression, a true representation of self by any means necessary. We live in a world where life’s worth can be bought, sold, commoditized right before your very eyes and within that harsh truth you’ll find your answer as to “why”. With each passing day, there is a decision to be made… stay the course or strike out in new directions, new adentures, new dreams. It’s quite simple really. If life itself is progession, growth, and uncompromising development of self and society, then it is one’s responsibility to express him/herself and be to the world what they know to be true. To shy away from this understanding is to limit one’s potential and devalue the world in which we live.

This is but one adventure of past, present, and future

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