Friday, February 29, 2008

Kanye West Grammy Night & Nike

guess the debate is over, Kanye was rocking some Nikes on Grammy Night not so long ago. In a recent interview with Kanye West as part of the The Moment | Live from Colette blog, Kanye outlines his crazy ass outfit that he wore at the Grammys as was rather quiet about the heat on his feet.

I designed it together with my stylist. I took a shape that I liked — I can’t say who made it, but I liked it, it had a kick in the back. Under my jacket I wore a Hedi hoodie. So we put on LED lights — there were LED lights on my jacket, on the sunglasses and my scarf. I had on a pair of Nikes too, but I can’t talk about those because they’re not out yet. The lights in the jacket were powered by battery.

Amy Winehouse to Launch Clothing & Make-Up Collection

Amy Winehouse is set to release her own clothing brand and make-up collection.

The range will include hairspray and her distinctive liquid eyeliner, there could also be head scarves and perfume.

All things that are distinctive of Amy"s look.

Max B - Umma Do Me (Jim Jones diss)

Wow....Jimmy's in Trouble now. Max B was definitely his hook writer. Damn...the rise and fall of Jim Jones.

Exclusive: Common Freestyle & Performance @ Smirnoff Signature MixSeries

Common does a freestyle for the crowd and perform songs at Smirnoff’s Signature Series. You can download The Light 2008 & more @

Joe Budden On The Come Up Interview

Ashanti On 106& Park

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Nike "Olympic Pack" Trainer Dunk Free Low

Originally thought to be an Espo-designed joint, the final verdict on these Nike Trainer Dunk Free Lows are that they are part of the ongoing pack of sneakers themed after the upcoming Olympics. Inspired by the swimming pool, the white upper is highlighted by blue and gold. The insole reveals a series of lane dividers commonly seen in pools. Available now at Kix-Files.

Nike ACG Convertible Dunk

It looks like the Nike ACG department had something cool under their sleeves. They have been recently working on really interesting and functional concept - the Convertible Considered Dunk. This Dunk features a heel flap which can be flipped down making it easy for the wearer to put on or take off. We would imagine that they would be useful for frequent flyers who could easily slip them off during security checks or on the plane. Unfortunately, Nike decided to drop this idea so you probably won't be seeing this in stores anytime soon.

Skytop NS

Supra’s Skytop continues to go sky-high with the new NS series. Pictured above is the Silver color-way, which is the most sought-after. It will release in June, so get ready! After the jump you can see the Red version, which releases in July, and the Black studded version, which releases in August. Available soon at ConcreteNY!


Anthony Van Engelen is a beast. I’ve always loved his vicious style on a skateboard and his vast amount of tattoos. He’s also pro on Alien Workshop, one of my favorite companies. Here’s a peek of his latest shoe. Pictured above is the snorkel blue color-way. If you look closely toward the back, you’ll see two bones and two lightning bolts intersecting-intense! Not much info on these yet, but it’s easy to see that this shoe will be a hot topic. Peep the black color-way after jump.

Photos of World's First Wooden Supercar "The Splinter"

American designer, Joe Harmon, 27, started the project with other students at North Carolina State University to see whether it was possible to build a performance car out of wood. Their creation - the Splinter - should be completed later this year and they believe it will be capable of speeds in excess of 240mph.

Mos Def @ Sundance 08

Bun B New Album, "II Trill," In Stores April 29th

Hip Hop Legend Bun B and one half of the award winning duo UGK readies for the debut of his highly anticipated sophomore solo album, II Trill, which will be released on April 29th courtesy of Rap-A-Lot/Asylum.

II Trill will include guest features by artists that include the late great Pimp C, Lupe Fiasco, Lil Wayne, 8 Ball and MJG, David Banner, Rick Ross, Z-Ro, Mya, Mike Jones, Junior Reid, Webbie, Chamillionaire , Expensive Taste (Paul Wall, Skinhead Rob, & Travis Barker) and Slim Thug. The Houston rapper also collaborated with hitmakers Mr. Lee, Scott Storch, Jazze Pha, Bigg Tyme, Black Out Movement, Khalil, Clinton Sparks, Enigma and Chops to name a few

Lil Wanye Performing In New Jersey

“Take Me As I Am”-MJB, Mary, or “Nigga?”

Mary on her relationship with Oprah

“’Oprah was like, ‘I didn’t care for you, but it was when I got to know you that I realized who you were.’ Though Oprah is now a friend, Mary is not surprised at her opinion. ‘I understand somebody like her wouldn’t even feel me at all.’ Mary says. ‘I’m a nigga, you know what I’m sayin? So when she said that to me, I was like, ‘Thank you for that honesty.’”

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Air Jordan 1 "Opening Day" Pack

Not so much known for his prowess with the lumber, Jordan Brand has still gone down that route to pay tribute to Michael Jordan's time spent in between the ball court on the baseball diamond. The Quickstrike "Opening Day" package includes two styles of the Air Jordan 1 with pinstripe and baseball detailing, each priced at $105 USD respectively. There is also talk of a #45 Chicago White Sox t-shirt as well that will release alongside the sneakers.

Supra NS Trinity White

Complex blessed us with the Supra NS Trinity in black, now they take us to heaven with this new Supra NS Trinity in white. This is the latest release from Supra’s Non-Skate line. It features an angelic combination of croc-print and crackled leather. Get purified. $210.

Jay-Z - I Know


Former heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson is trying to bring his life story to the big screen and says he wants Jamie Foxx to step into the title role.

Jamie Foxx and I will be working together," Tyson told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. "He will play me in the film about my life. We already talked about it several times."

Iron Mike, who first captured the heavyweight belt in 1986 at age 20, says his life story is a warning to kids to avoid the drugs, money and legal pitfalls that left potholes in his brilliant boxing career.

"I've seen the devil, and I don't want that," said Tyson, 41.

Here Some Vids Of Iron Mike

Young Jeezy Makes A Dream Come True

Platinum Rapper Young Jeezy granted the wish of the lucky winner from his “Make Your Dreams Come True” contest last night at Justin’s Restaurant in Atlanta. The contest offered an open invitation to fans to share their dreams and aspirations with Jeezy. The winning submission came from Tamara Jenkins-Wilson from North Carolina who wrote a heart-felt letter regarding her disabled son:

“My ultimate dream would be for me to provide a wheelchair accessible van for my son, Davon Jenkins. Davon is 13-years old and has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair. It is hard for me to provide this for him as we are a military family and I am unable to work as I have to take care of him. My husband is currently serving in Iraq so I physically lift him in and out of our vehicle when we need to go to appointments and such. Thanks so much for the opportunity.”

The Jenkins-Wilson family was presented with the wheel chair accessible van personally purchased by Jeezy, along with a personalized wardrobe for the young Davon which was monogrammed with his nick name “Speedy,” courtesy of Jeezy’s clothing line 8732.

Lupe Fiasco Performs Paris,Tokyo On Leno

Behind The Scenes Of The Roots Get Busy Video

The Roots’ new album, “Rising Down,” drops April 29th. I got a chance to go behind the scenes for their new video for, “Get Busy.” I talked to Questlove about he new album and the full interview with him should be up next week. Questlove is a fan of the site and stated he thought he would never make it on the site.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

White Leather Skytop Re-Release

I’m sure many of you missed out on this Skytop in white leather. Well, Supra made a sneaky Spring re-release [one time only] of this incredibly popular color-way. Available any minute now!

Estelle (Feat. Kanye West) - American Boy

Floyd "Money" Mayweather Throws Cash...

What do you think about lil Floyd going head to head with 7 foot WWE superstar Big Show???

Snoop Dogg’s, "Ego Trippin,"

Tha Boss Dogg titled the album “Ego Trippin’” because this time around, he is doing just that. After 16 years in the game, Snoop consistently proves himself as not only an entertainer, but a pioneer in hip hop. On Snoop’s ninth studio offering, the West Coast rapper is taking chances no other rap artist could pull off, and showing fans a new side we have never seen before. “Ego Trippin’” showcases groundbreaking material and if the first single is any indication - fans will embrace the new sounds. Snoop says, “I named the album Ego Trippin’ because after staying relevant for 16 years, I can afford to take chances and have some fun. I always made music to win in my neighborhood but after all these years I needed to do something bigger - I had to get out of my usual gangster zone without losing who I am, this time around I am going to win worldwide.”
......Album dropping In Stores March 11th

DJ Khaled Speaks On His New Label, “We The Best Records”

Pete Rock ft. Redman - Til I Retire/Best Believe

Sounds like somebody's writing Pete's stuff and he's trying to catch his flow....Not that bad overall though.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Beyonce Almost Shot

Diddy On David Letterman

101- Carat Diamond The Biggest White Diamond To Be Auctioned In Nearly 20 Years

This squash-ball sized, 101-carat diamond is the biggest white diamond to be auctioned in nearly two decades.

The gem that has been cut from a 460-carat South African rough stone is expected to fetch over US $6 million.

Making Of All My Life Jay Rock & Lil Wayne

Jay-Z & Nas Dropping A Duet Album?

Rumors continue to swirl about Jay-Z’s still-unconfirmed new record label, Carter Music Group. We hear that Jay is partnering with rapper Nas on an album of duets, “The Kings of Hip Hop,” to be released on the label early next year. Jay’s rep is keeping tight-lipped.

Lil Wayne Sounds Shook Of 50 Cent

“That n—a’s crazy, Wayne laughed. “I ain’t f—ing with 50. He’s too high up there. That’s my n—a, though. I respect that my name even came out the homie’s mouth. I just took it as a compliment. I would never go back at 50; he’s a trillionaire. I’m trying to get there, homie. I’m smart. I ain’t dumb.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


The LifeCar's purpose is to demonstrate that a zero emission vehicle can also be fun to drive. The combination of performance, range and fuel economy will allow a sporting driver of the future to demonstrate a concern for the environment. Going far beyond the incremental adaptation of traditional car designs as seen in current hybrid vehicles, it will demonstrate that a new step in vehicle architecture is enabled by the use of a fuel cell hybrid power train. The approach is one of whole system design in which the architecture is generated from the characteristics of the fuel cell, in a light-weight vehicle coupled with a high hybridization level. This combination will minimise the fuel cell cost and provide the fuel economy for a 200 mile range. An objective of the project is to lower the entry barriers for a vehicle powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. Core to the success of the project will be collaboration between partners to achieve system-level innovation in the design. The collaborators are Oscar Automotive, Cranfield University, QinetiQ, Oxford University, Linde AG and Morgan Motor Company.

Real Reason Why Mase Turned Pastor? " Baby Maine Ran Mase Out Of Harlem "

Jimmy Iovine (CEO Of Interscope) Interview On How To Get A Record Deal, Sales Decline, & The Industry [Gives Advice]

Take His advice aspiring artists....He's the CEO of Interscope records....


HAVANA - Fidel Castro, ailing and 81, announced Tuesday he was resigning as Cuba"s president, ending a half-century of autocratic rule which made him a communist icon and a relentless opponent of U.S. policy around the globe.

The end of Castro"s rule " the longest in the world for a head of government " frees his 76-year-old brother Raul Castro to implement reforms he has hinted at since taking over as acting president when Fidel fell ill in July 2006

Star & Buckwild are BACK!

Star and Bucwild are back! For all of our readers outside of New York that don"t know who these two are, they started their radio career in 2000 along with Miss Jones on the Star & Bucwild Morning Show on Hot 97. The morning show drew high ratings, even beating Howard Stern in key demographic markets. Star can"t keep his mouth shut and said some foul stuff

about DJ Envy"s 4 year old daughter, saying something like he wouldn"t mind peeing on her. Well this statement led to him getting fired.

While it is not confirmed, sources told that Star and Buc Wild will be broadcast on Island Broadcasting Company"s WNYZ 87.5, which has been airing Russian content since July of 2005. WNYZ is a also low powered television station Channel 6, which is currently broadcasting audio over the 87.7 FM frequency.

Rick Ross ft. T-Pain - The Boss & Street Money(ft. Flo-Rida)

Rihanna Performing @ The Brit Awards

Controversy Over Sean Bell’s Family Appearing In A Rocawear Ad

This was a planned publicity stunt timed to influence the jury,” said Michael Palladino, president of the Detectives Endowment Association, adding that it shows why the cops opted for a trial before a judge, not a jury.

But Paultre-Bell’s lawyer, Sanford Rubenstein, said his client views the ad as “uplifting.” Rubenstein insisted it was not exploitive of his client to use her children and the death of her fianc?e to sell baggy jeans and polo shirts.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bodega x Puma Friends & Family Spy II Hi

A new twist has been revealed for the Bodega x Puma Spy II Hi. A gray version references the mysterious gray spy which was seen in MAD Magazine's popular comic between '62 and '65. Apparently a special hidden message that requires decoding will yield methods on how to obtain this special 30 pair Friends & Family release. The regular version will release February 23rd at Bodega (Boston), Ubiq (Philadelphia), Huf (San Francisco), ALIFE (New York), Premium Goods (Houston), Undefeated (Los Angeles - La Brea location), Classic Kicks (New York), Livestock (Toronto), and Atmos (New York).

Nike Hard & Heavy Pack

The Hard n' Heavy Pack is an upcoming collection from Nike packaging a punk aesthetic with the liberal use of studs on a black and gold colorway. Two models feature the Terminator and the Vandal with each including a special Nike guitar pick. Not releasing until this Fall.

Reebok Freestyle International

Once a footwear staple for women alike back in the 1980s during the aerobics boom, the Reebok Freestyle is back at it again. With some loud ass gradient all-over print uppers, the Freestyle is perfect for the girl looking to break necks. Two colorways are available at Sold Out, blue/green and purple/pink.

Jay Z's Two Kings party this past weekend..

Jay Z's Two Kings party this past weekend didn't go off as smoothly as planned. According to a person working at the party, two notorious New Orleans goons nearly shut the entire party down ... and had Jay Z and Lebron James running for their lives!!!

Here's what our insider is reporting:

Two New Orleans [big wigs] named Big Man (Don) and Stuntman come to the club on a regular basis and spends thousands of dollars.. Well they have access to the whole club and they where trying to go speak to Rocsi from 106 & Park, but that meant they had to cross thru Jay-Z section and that's when hell broke lose.

Jay-Z's personal security didn't know who Stunt and Big Man were, so the big White Russian [security guard] had the audacity to put his hands on Big Man and attempt to throw him out. Luckily big man was cool but Stunt is a hot head and was ready for war.

The police detail that [Jay Z] hired was able to calm him down. The police went back up to Jay-Z's security and explain to them that they need to chill out and that Big Man and Stunt had there own section. And that they were just passing thru to speak to someone.

Jay Z and Lebron where very cool about it and apologized and I think they fired the big Russian for f*ckin up the night ....

But like I said, Stunt is a hot head and wanted the White [security guard] handled and expressed that to Jay-Z's people so they were a little nervous to leave.

We had to basically insure them that Big man was straight and nobody was waiting for them outside. But they left right after we gave them the assurance that they was straight.

Apparently Jay and Lebron high-tailed it out of there after only being at the party for about an hour. And get this, Jay Z- left Beyonce in the party where stuff was about to pop off!! What a gentleman....

Jadakiss - Welcome To The Roc

My dude kiss is still at legendary status. Finished 50 lol....He'll always have my respect.

Max B- Blow Me A Dub

Lol...Max B is my dude. Funny guy. Check out interview below....

Beyonce Is Set To Play Etta James In An Upcoming Film

While speaking to Cedric the Entertainer on his latest film, ‘Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins’, he mentioned to that Beyonce has been cast to play famed singer Etta James on his next film, ‘Cadillac Records’.

The story is about Leonard Chess, the legendary founder of the South Side Chicago blues label Chess Records. The period piece follows the rise and fall of Chess Records, which launched the careers of such R&B greats as Muddy Waters, Etta James and Chuck Berry.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

R&B Star Tank Gets Tased By New Orleans Police During AllStar Weekend

Sunday Night Outside of a New Orleans nightclub. Tank & A Woman Were Leaving A Club And Walking To Meet Their Driver When Police Created A Roadblock. Apparently, There"d Been A Shooting.

It's Said The Police Were Very Rude In Telling Tank & His Guest That They Couldn"t Walk Through The Area.

Tank Spoke Up For Hisself And His Lady Friend, Telling The Cops They Didn"t Have To Speak To Them In The Way They Did.

The Two Began Walking Away From The Scene When 3 Cops Tackled Tank And Began Using Tasers On Him. He Was Arrested On A Number Of Counts, Including Disorderly Conduct.

Nike SB Dunk High Thrashin'

Movie covers form the inspiration for a new upcoming series of Nike SB's. A look here features the Nike SB Dunk High Thashin', inspired by the 1986 skateboard drama of the same name. The Dunk High can be seen with a wild and angular print on the upper with gradient swoosh. Stay tuned for more release details.

Nike SB Dunk High Ferris Bueller

Movie wiseguy Ferris Bueller's original movie poster outfit can be seen on this upcoming pair of Dunk High SBs. The white/gray/tan upper is complimented by a leopard print lining and flat laces. Stay tuned for more release details.