Friday, October 9, 2009

Meet The New Girls From “For The Love Of Ray-J 2”

World famous R&B superstar Ray J is back for another season of For the Love of Ray J. Last season Ray brought 14 beautiful women to his home to see if he could find love — and he thought he did. After going through challenges, dates and eliminations Cocktail won Ray J’s heart and the two of them hoped things would work out, but it wasn’t meant to be. Ray picked the best girl in the house, but unfortunately it wasn’t the best girl for him. Just because things didn’t work out with Cocktail doesn’t mean Ray didn’t have blast. The whole experience was crazy…so he can’t wait to do it again. Ray wants to give love a second chance, so he hit up VH1 and told them he wanted to do it just like last time, but better. And this time he really wants to find the girl for him. Ray will bring 19 of the finest girls from around the country to his mansion in the Hollywood Hills and put them through challenges, dates and eliminations to find the ladies that are smart, funny and beautiful enough to survive the cut. Having these girls with him however will not slow down his lifestyle; he’ll continue living the young Hollywood dream but do it while bringing these girls along for the ride. He’ll introduce them to some of hottest spots in LA, his celebrity friends and family, and take them places only celebrities have access to. Join us on our journey as 19 of the sexiest women from across the country try to tame the ultimate ladies man, Ray J.