Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lil Wayne Rumored To Accept 8 Month Jail Bid

Lil Wayne is appearing in a Manhattan courtroom Thursday a.m. Oct. 22nd, but DNA science is taking center stage. A hearing on a DNA profiling technique used in the rapper’s 2007 gun-possession case started Wednesday. It concerns a process used for identifying people from tiny amounts of DNA including some that prosecutors say ties the Grammy Award-winner to a gun found on his tour bus after a concert. Wayne has pleaded not guilty andhe faces at least 3½ years in prison if convicted.There is some speculation that the rapper is expected to accept an 8-month bid in jail over his alleged involvement with a loaded .40-caliber pistol gun found on his tour bus in 2007 while in New York. In the court appearance, Lil Wayne must surrender a DNA sample to establish whether the gun that was retrieved by police from his tour bus was his.The hearing tomorrow is supposed to establish whether what’s known as low copy number DNA profiling has general scientific acceptance. In other words the DNA results seem so unclear that the DA must prove that the results are significant enough to convict.Lil Wayne, born Dwayne Carter, won last year’s best rap solo performance Grammy for “A Milli.” His albums include “Tha Carter,” “Tha Carter II” and “Tha Carter III.”