Sunday, October 25, 2009

Legendary Basketball Players “Magic” Johnson & Isiah Thomas At War Of Words Over Gay Rumors

In a new book called When The Game Was Ours Earvin Johnson accuses Isiah of forcing his retirement from the NBA in 1991 after he tested positive for HIV by spreading rumors that he was bi-sexual. Magic also goes on to say that he and Michael Jordan were pretty much responsible for keeping the legendary point guard off team USA’s Olympic Dream Team. Isiah has already let his feelings be known even though he decided not to make a comment for the book:

“I’m glad that he’s finally had the nerve and the courage to stand up and say it was him, as opposed to letting Michael Jordan take the blame for it all these years. I wish (Magic) would have had the courage to say this stuff to me face to face, as opposed to writing it in some damn book to sell and he can make money off it….What most people don’t know is, before Magic had HIV, my brother had HIV…my brother died of HIV, AIDS, drug abuse. So I knew way more about the disease, because I was living with it in my house. I don’t discriminate. I don’t believe any race or ethnic group or social group should be discriminated against, because I have been discriminated against, and I know it would be wrong for me to discriminate. I think Magic has been misled on a lot of things, and unfortunately this has been another one of them. I am hurt and disappointed that he has chosen to believe others as opposed to his closest friends.”