Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Laila Ali Saved Hulk Hogan’s Life!

In a new book called “My Life Outside the Ring” the legendary wrestler talks about how he begged his wife Linda not to file for a divorce but when it finally happened he was so hurt he contemplated suicide until he got a phone call from the daughter of Muhammad Ali:

“I practically begged her, ‘Please, don’t file,’ …Our son’s just had this accident — if we do this now, it’ll make us look like the Britney Spears family. Please, don’t file for divorce.”

Hulk says one day he drank a cocktail of rum and Xanax and had his finger on the trigger of his gun when he got the call from Laila who was working alongside him on “Gladiators” asking if he needed to talk because he looked distracted from work.