Saturday, October 24, 2009


We are always on the look out for innovative gadgets that as well as being aesthetically pleasing, are also practical and can be used in real world situations. miShare is such a product.

One of the biggest problems that people have with iPods is that unless you have a diploma in hacking, it is extremely difficult to share your tunes, especially without getting a computer involved. That is of course until now. Want the latest album from your friends' iPod? Simply connect both iPods to the miShare unit, press the button and away you go. It's kind of like swapping football cards in the playground, although much cooler.

Providing that your files are not DRM protected (that's digital rights management to you technophobes), everything from movies to photos to songs can be transferred. Even entire playlists. Nice. There is however one downside - for now the unit does not work with the iPhone or iPod touch, although we are told that a firmware update is being looked in to.

Developed in Brooklyn and currently being shipped to all corners of the world for US$100, may the sharing epidemic begin. By Brendan McKnight