Monday, October 12, 2009

Hollywood Drake

Drake recently revealed his interest in going Hollywood amongst the likes of established actors, including Jamie Foxx, and being able to balance music and films.While not making any promises, Drizzy said he would like to make a power move to the big screen."I'm working on [acting] right now," he promised. "One of my best friends in this industry is Jamie hopefully we'll get to do a movie together. And I'm a big Judd Apatow, comedic timing fan. I love all those movies that they do. So, yeah, I really want to get back into acting. It's definitely something I'm interested in and always will be."Outside of two albums he plans to drop, Drizzy is also looking outside of music for growth in culinary arts."I want to drop this album, then another, and then take a break to do film and study culinary arts," he tells Rolling Stone in the magazine's current issue. Once he masters his skill, the aspiring chef plans to put it to good use. "Then I'm gonna open a restaurant in Toronto. Hopefully my name will hold more weight by then." He should have no problem as he has quickly become the most-buzzed-about hip-hop act of the year.He recently made headlines after being named as one of the producers for an upcoming television series.Toronto-based the Nightingale Company said Canadian actor and rap artist Aubrey "Drake" Graham ("Degrassi: The Next Generation") is to develop a new comedy series for the indie producer. Mazin Eisadig ("The Line") is set to star in "Us and Them," a sitcom about best buddies -- and polar opposites -- trying to make their way in the entertainment industry. Information on when the show will begin production has not been announced.Earlier this year, the rapper spoke on his past fame as a television star versus rap celebrity status."'Degrassi' is bigger than what I'm doing right now, it really is," he said in an interview. It's bigger than any Drake, Cudi, Wale, you know, up-and-coming rap sh*t. Like I was doing mall tours with 15,000 people [attending] where the fire marshall would come and shut the mall down 'cause there was just too many people in there. I was signing autographs for three, four hours, with a half an hour lunch break and then going back for four more hours. I've been through that crazy phase."