Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nixon Nyce new mixtape " I Can Only Be Me "

Boston bound rapper Nixon Nyce released his mixtape I Can Only Be Me hosted by DJ Whoo Kid yesterday, October 12th. Though he's not the best rapper I've ever heard, I do see a lot of potential in his work. With the development of tracks like "We Like To Party" and "Sky High", his music can definitely be mainstream. I admire the fact the his mixtape was hosted by DJ Whoo Kid, but honestly, I think he could've done without him. The beats on the mixtape are hard, and if nothing else, I would like to see Nixon Nyce work a little bit more on his lyrical content.

The mixtape did have it's ups and downs, but overall I think that Nixon went harder on the second half of it. Some tracks that I enjoyed were "I'm A Monster", mainly because I felt like his flow had some umph behind it and the hook was tight. I was also feeling "Boy Meets Girl" and "Done Deal". It was clever on his part to end the mixtape with "Done Deal" considering the title and the conclusion of the mixtape. So without further ado, I will rate I Can Only Be Me a 6/10. I look forward to hearing more from Nixon Nyce. If you want to hear the mixtape for yourself, you can download it below. Happy listening.


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