Saturday, September 12, 2009

What Yall All Been Waiting For!!!!!

Allow me to introduce myself formally; I am one of the new blogger here on the RSNY blog and I write by the name Royal Rebel. When I was asked to join the team I was hesitant because as a supporter of the Rockstar Society I wanted to address the wants of them as well as their readers. I have a B.A in English from the CUNY's B.A program which have afforded me the opportunity to write diverse pieces throughout New York with some of the best student writers. My gender, age, origin and profession is not relevant to my work, therefore I'd rather not disclose this information and keep you guessing with each piece of my writing. I am interested in your thoughts, views, opinions and what would you'll like to hear about; feel free to email me at I am the Rebel the Rebels, because "regular folks do what they can, a Rebel does what they want". Let us rock out with our cock outs and jam out with our clams out!