Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tabelit Sensory Toy for People with Learning Disability

Tabelit is a learning toy concept that will help people with learning disability to paint by pushing buttons with different coloring facility, allowing expressing their creativity. It has been designed with five different layers and features two mini speakers to produce quality sounds. The left sidebar includes an illuminating touch strip, on which the user can slide their finger to select a color that will come across the switches. The user can learn shapes by following the randomly appearing shapes and accordingly, press the appropriate button for that shape. A rewarding sound will be played with every successful trace. The user can express their feelings with music by utilizing the individual sound assigned for each button such as piano, drums, etc. Moreover, it offers single or multiple player games which will develop the social and responsive skills of the user. Tabelit can be used both at home for a relaxed, multi-sensory room environment and at workplaces with maximum functionality