Thursday, September 3, 2009

Logitech makes Squeezebox Radio and Touch official

Logitech has finally released info on its upcoming additions to the Squeezebox lineup, and we're happy to share it all with you, dear readers. First up is the FCC-approved Squeezebox Radio, sporting integrated speakers and a 2.4-inch LCD upon which you can view playlists, peruse Facebook recommendations, and even squint at Flickr slideshows. On the higher end is the Squeezebox Touch, with its 4.3-inch touchscreen and outputs to connect directly to your home entertainment system. Both feature 802.11g wireless enabling them to suck tunes of all sorts (including Pandora, iTunes, Sirius, and various internet streams) straight from a Mac, Windows, or Linux machine, but only the Touch will be able to play tracks directly from USB drives and SD cards. The Radio will be shipping by the end of the month for an MSRP of $199, while the Touch (which would look perfect next to your Harmony 1100) is destined for a December release and a higher price of $299 -- despite it having already started shipping in some places. Full press releases after the break