Sunday, September 13, 2009

Beyonce is a BAD BYOTCHl!!!!!

Beyonce is a bad girl hands down; her performance at the 9/11 Madison Square concert and 2009 MTV VMA's was quite impressive and arousing. Whatever she wears, sings, and how she dances is always the sheer sexy elegance of a great. Many women are sexy yet few full it off with the beauty of art, such as Mrs. Carter. Honestly I could not imagine a better pair in the industry then the dynamic dynasty duo Jay and B; they fit and compliment one another perfectly like cheese and wine, chicken and beer or weed and cold pizza(AAHH college campus life). With this being said I truely feel Beyonce gives nine out of ten of her performances the thrill of being on stage for the first time. If I had to compare her to anyone in the past it would be Tina Turner minus the broken limbs and black eyes.