Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mark Curry Talks About His Book “Dancing With The Devil”

Mark Curry Exclusive Interview For from Non Stop Info on Vimeo.

We told ya’ll a while back about Former Bad Boy Artist Mark Curry’s tell all book “Dancing With The Devil”. NonStopInfo got a chance to catch up with Mark Curry to talk about the book, and his life after Bad Boy. The book is Mark Curry’s renditon of all the shadiness that went down with Diddy and the darkside of the hip hop world. In the book, Curry talks about everything from the A-List celebrities he grew up with, his family’s musical background, hip hop beefs he witnessesed first hand. He also depicts the munipulitve mind games Diddy played that lead to the demise of some of Bad Boy’s greatest artist. It has been said that every artist that signs to Bad Boy goes broke and Curry makes a valid point in his book:

Puff would sign an artist to Bad Boy and the parent label and(like Arista) will give him a budget for them. The budget goes right back to Puff because you’re recording in his studio. Puff pays the producers, the writers, guest artists, technicians and everybody else out of your budget.

Puff gets a cut of money from all those people as well because they all work for his company and he claims to help all of them to do their job. He get’s a cut out of everybody’s publishing.