Monday, November 3, 2008

A Look At What 50 Cent Can Learn From The McCain Campaign

Divisiveness Doesn’t Work…
“Divide and Conquer” may be the most fundamental principal of the politics that got George W Bush elected. It also worked really well for 50 Cent. Fiddy ascended the thrown as King of New York by forcing fans to be with him or against him. Rap fans were either with the terrorists (Ja-Rule, Fat Joe, any non-G-Unit rapper ever) or with 50 Cent’s America. 50 tried that on last year’s release of Curtis and while the increased attention it caused for the record’s drop date, it was still the most disappointing opening week of 50’s career. The divide over divisiveness has increased, as a generation of Millennials has gotten a little older. Working together is actually kinda cool now, while argumentative fillibusting just seems childish. With the exception of FOX News, nearly every major media outlet is attributing some of McCain’s second-place poll position to his overwhelmingly negative campaigning.