Tuesday, October 7, 2008

NBA 2k9 releases TODAY!

The Live vs. 2K debate is getting heated this year—EA’s NBA Live 09 and 2K’s NBA 2K9 hit stores this week, and both look pretty tough. For true b-ball gamers, the 2K series has been on top for a minute, but EA is stepping it up this year (minus its choice of Mr. Eva Longoria as 09’s cover athlete). So, which one deserves your $60?

Well, EA starting pitching us months ago on 09’s Dynamic DNA and NBA 365 online features, which updates gameplay as the actual NBA season progresses. We thought that was pretty innovative, until we learned that 2K9’s Living Rosters basically do the same thing. What it comes down to, as always, is gameplay.

Here, 2K9 still wins. We showed you a bit of the first 2K9 trailer, but the newest clip seals the deal. It shows amazingly fluid and lifelike in-game animations, including an entire section devoted to Allen Iverson getting fouled. Awesome.

Oh yeah, and we’ve played 2K9. It’s as good as it looks. See the trailer below…